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If you need any assistance in placing your order, please contact us by phone (952-948-5281) or email (  Our staff will be happy to help you.

General comments:

  • You can scan all of our catalog categories by lightly moving your mouse in Browse By Instrument. In any one of the tiers, you can click on a category and fix it to the page. These pages are also printable.
  • The search boxes on the home page use key words to zero in on specific areas of the catalog.  (See examples below under If You Know Exactly What You Want.) Drop-down boxes in the Advanced Search will help you narrow your selection.   These tools are also useful if you would like to print out certain sections of our catalog.
  • Clicking on the title of a piece will show you the full name of its publisher.
  • Some publishers distribute the catalogs of many different publishers.  For example, Hal Leonard also distributes Boosey & Hawkes, Salabert, Ricordi, Rubank, Schott, and others.  If you have questions about editions, please contact us by email  ( ), by phone (952-948-5281), or use the comment box in your on-line order.
  • Our site is not case sensitive except when entering your password.
  • When using Browse By Instrument, the listings will appear alphabetically by composer. You can manipulate the listings by clicking on the other column headers to re-sort by Title,  Item No (publisher code), or Price. Clicking on the up and down arrows will re-sort from either the top or bottom of the alphabet, or in ascending or descending order by Price.
  • Please note that our prices may change without notice, due to publisher upgrades. We try to update price changes as we receive them, but there may be some discrepancies. If the price of the piece you order is significantly different from the price listed on our website, we will contact you for permission before sending it.  
  • We do not currently have the capacity to take "special orders" through our internet website. (A special order is an item we do not normally carry in our inventory but can order especially for you.) If you wish 952-948-5281) or email (

IF YOU WANT TO BROWSE, use one of the three Browse By features on the left-hand side bar. You can search by instrument,  composer, or publisher.

To Browse By Instrument : Use your mouse to highlight the general instrumental category you want to see. For example if you're interested in trumpet literature, select Brass, then Trumpet. It will list the many subcategories of trumpet repertoire from which you can choose. To get to saxophone etude books, select Woodwind, then Saxophone, then Sax Study.   

To Browse By Composer: Click on the first letter of the last name of the composer you want to see, and then click on the composer's name. A list of all the works we stock by that composer will appear alphabetically by title. (You can manipulate the way the list sorts by clicking on the column headings and the up and down arrows.  See above.)  The Show Only box at the top of this screen lists different instrumental combinations for which the composer wrote. You can isolate a particular instrumentation by using this drop-down feature.

Ex: To see the pieces/books we stock by Igor Stravinsky, select the letter S, then Stravinksy.  All the works we carry will appear in a large, multi-page listing. Click on the column headings or arrows to re-sort the list.  Explore the Show Only box to choose among the different instrumental categories for which Stravinsky wrote, from Bassoon Duet to Woodwind Septet.

To Browse By Publisher: This search area works just like Browse By Composer. For example if you want to see everything we carry that is published by Henle, start with the letter H, then choose the word Henle, and a list of all the Henle publications we stock will appear alphabetically by composer. Manipulate the listings or use the Show Only box as described above.

IF YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, the fastest way to find it is to use the key word search box on the upper left side of the home page. Simply type in the key words of the piece you want to see. (You could also use the drop-down box features in the Advanced Search, but this is a slightly slower process.) The more specific you are, the closer you will get, but remember spelling counts. For example if you are looking for the Bach Goldberg Variations and you type that into the key word box, our site will take you right to a list of all the editions we stock. If you type just Goldberg, you'll also get close (unless you spell it wrong), because that is quite a specific title. However typing  Bach will get you an extremely long list of all the pieces by Bach for every instrument, so that won't be too helpful. The Advanced Search feature gives you several long and very specific drop-down boxes to aid you in a detailed search.

Try the following examples to get a feel for how the search features work: 

Example #1: If you want to see all the pieces we stock for clarinet entitled "fantasy", first try searching by the words clarinet and fantasy. You will find pieces for clarinet that include the exact spelling of the word fantasy by many different composers. Now try the key words clarinet and fantasies and you will find several other pieces that didn't appear in your first search.  Because the word fantasy can be singular or plural and has many different possible spellings (fantasie, fantasia, fantasy, phantasy, etc), your most inclusive search would be to use the key words clarinet and an abbreviation like fant. That will get you the most comprehensive list possible, but it will also include some items you aren't interested in like Jeux D'Enfants. 

Example #2: If you want to see all the editions we carry of the JS Bach Flute Sonatas, searching Bach Flute Sonatas will get you pretty close. You will also get some sonatas that CPE Bach wrote, but you won't miss anything by JS Bach. If you type in JS Bach Flute Sonatas you will get exactly what you are looking for. However, please note that most composers listed do NOT include first names or initials, so typing the last name alone will usually produce the most inclusive search.

Example #3: The search box  will also gather information from diverse areas of our catalog so you can see them all together. Try typing in the keywords Nielsen Clarinet Concerto and you will see a list  that includes the clarinet & piano reduction, the solo clarinet part from the orchestra set, and a study score, all in one listing.

Example #4: If you want to see all the woodwind trios we carry, you can go about it several ways. Try woodwind trio (if you say woodwind trios, you will only get collections of more than one trio). Or try the specific combination you're interested in, for example 2 oboes and English horn.  (If you can't find what you want under 2 oboes try two oboes.) Another way to get to this area of our catalogue is to use the Browse By Instrument feature. Choose Chamber Ensembles, then Woodwinds, then Woodwind Trio.  Or you can use the Advanced Search feature and select Woodwind Trio in the Instrument drop-down box.

Please call us for help or send us an email if you can't find what you need, and we will be happy to assist you (952-948-5281 or We also welcome any comments you'd like to share with us about the use of our new website.


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